Industrial filtration equipment manufacture & solutions

Hualing provides a complete range of high quality compressed air systems which are widely used in various applications of compressed air treatment. These industrial filters are capable of protecting your equipment from dust, dirt, condensed water, oil mist, chemicals and impurities. Aiming at being an ideal air filter supplier for you, Hualing is dedicated to provide a wide selection of filtration solutions for compressed air to meet your specific requirement.

Hualing compressed air filters are mainly applied for the filtration of dust, condensed water, lubricants, oil mist, chemicals and other impurities that can be present in compressed air systems.

Hualing provides a variety of compressed air filtration elements to meet different filtration requirements.

    1. Automotive Air Filters
    2. Automotive Air Filters
  • Hualing has been focused on the design and manufacture of air filters for almost 3 decades. We are confident to provide superior quality automotive air filters at competitive prices, because our company is equipped with a systematic system for automotive air fitlers, including designing, manufacturing, packaging, and sales.

    Certified by IATF 16949 and ISO 9001, our company has established long-term partnership with FAW Group, SAIC Group, Chery Group, etc. Currently, we are expanding overseas to reach new markets.

Air exhaust mufflers are used for noise control and filtering needs without impeding equipment performance, making them important components for the elimination of noise.

Hualing has been specializing in industrial filtration since 1992, we provide our customers with industrial filtration equipment to fit their compressed air filtration needs. Our filtering systems with filter elements are applicable to a wide range of general industry, electronics, chemical, machinery, textile, and aviation industry applications. If you are looking for one-stop air filter supplier, we are a specialist presents you appropriate and effective filtration solutions for your compressed air applications.